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We are here to help.

We are committed to provide the best cleaning products at an excellent value on a regular schedule direct to the homeowner.

Our Story.

We are a Southern California family involved in the hardwood flooring industry since 1980. For nearly 40 years we have installed, refinished and cleaned hardwood flooring.
We have seen the evolution of floor finishes from amber cast oil modified polyurethane to extremely clear waterborne European acrylic urethane. Almost every customer we’ve served has asked for the best cleaning products to maintain their floors.
We’ve tried most of the “off the shelf” products, recommended a few and began to realize most of the products had negative characteristics- haze or film residue left after only a few applications, oily appearance which affected the sheen, “sticky residue” which even left footprints after cleaning!
Then we were introduced to Pallmann. Their finishes and cleaning products are by far the best we’ve ever used. We have used them on our own homes for an extended period of time and found them to perform better than any other product available. Out of this experience emerged an idea and desire to provide this superior product to homeowners on a continuing basis at a good value based cost that would ensure they would never chance putting something on their floor they would regret later. This idea became the Clean Floor Club!